segunda-feira, 3 de setembro de 2012

American Council for Romani Equality Meets with Hungary Embassy, Discuss Racist Threats in Hungary

Human rights activists, led by the American Council for Romani Equality meet with Hungary embassy officials to express concern over rising racism and life threats against the Roma ethnic minority in Hungary. This is the first time in years that Roma American organizations are demanding dialogue with the Hungarian government. 

Racist groups have increased activity in Hungary in recent months, including large-scale marches through neighborhood where ethnic minority Roma live. Neo-Nazis have bused their supporters into minority areas to march and shout death threats. At a recent anti-Roma demonstration in the town of Cegled, members of the national parliament even took part.

Grupos racistas aumentaram sua atividade na Hungria, nos últimos meses. Em uma manifestação com ameaças anti-ciganos na cidade de Cegled, membros do parlamento húngaro participaram. 

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